“Threat receptors” are damaged in people with ME

Scientists at Queensland’s Griffith University (Australia) have discovered that “threat receptors” which deal with potential attacks to the body are damaged in people with ME. From www.thecitizen.org.au There are many different kinds of receptors found throughout cells that help them function normally. It is common for receptors to make harmless, tiny changes to the…

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M.E. and M.S. similarities

Shared Pathways in ME and MS

A recent review by Dr Gerwyn Morris of Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and Dr Michael Maes of Deakin University (Australia) has shown that there are neuroimmune similarities between MS and ME/CFS. This further substantiates the view that ME/CFS is a neuroimmune illness and that patients with MS are immunologically primed to develop symptoms…

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