ME/CFS Fact Sheets

ME-CFS guidelines on US Government website

In early 2013, the US Government’s Health and Human Services’ Agency for Health Research and Quality published on their National Guidelines Clearinghouse website, a primer for clinical practitioners produced by the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (IACFS/ME), the international professional medical association for ME/CFS. The purpose of this fact sheet is to assist health professionals by alerting them to these guidelines.

The following publications contain important information for those managing ME/CFS. They were developed by ME/CFS Australia as pdf files for easy printing and are are available in nine other languages from ME/CFS Australia.

Fact Sheet 1 – Working with your health care team

Tips for working with the health professionals who are supporting you to manage ME/CFS.


Fact Sheet 2 – Newly diagnosed with ME-CFS

Have you been newly diagnosed with ME/CFS and not sure what to do next?


Fact Sheet 3 – Information for family and friends

Are your family, friends or colleagues unsure of the implications of your ME/CFS?


Fact Sheet 4 – Learning to pace

‘Pacing’ is a key strategy to help manage your ME/CFS; understand the basics here.


Fact Sheet 5 – Nutrition and ME-CFS

Nutrition is vitally important in managing ME/CFS; learn why here.


Pregnancy and ME/CFS

ME/CFS presents additional complexities when making decisions about childbearing. There are options for building a strong network of support to manage pregnancy and help cope with the challenges of parenting with ME/CFS.  The Bateman Horne Centre has a helpful web page on Pregnancy and ME/CFS. or you can download their Pregnancy and ME/CFS fact sheet as a PDF.

Parenting a Child with Chronic Illness

“Welcome to a club you never wanted to join. Members of this club are the parents of chronically ill children with ME/CFS. While no one chooses to be part of this group, circumstances have placed you here and now that you are in our ranks, you should know that you are among friends…”

A guide for parents of children with ME/CFS, from the Bateman Horne Center (5 page PDF)

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