Too many with CFS are suffering in silence

Too many with CFS are suffering in silence says Medowie resident Nicole Skinner

From the Port Stephens Examiner

May 12 marks ME/CFS Worldwide Awareness Day, a day that aims to shed light on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Medowie resident and sufferer, Nicole Skinner, shares her story:

If someone strapped a sack of potatoes to your back, how long do you think you could carry it around before your shoulders collapsed or you felt your knees buckle under you in pain?

Could you do it every day of your life?

How would you feel if you went to various doctors in search of answers and most refused to validate your suffering because the illness that you have can only be diagnosed by exclusion and finding a doctor that specialises in the area is virtually impossible?

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Medowie resident Nicole Skinner and her best friend and carer Kai the collie rough.


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