About Us

The ME/CFS & FM Association NSW Inc. is a grass-roots organisation, run by volunteers for the benefit of those in NSW who are affected by ME/CFS and FM.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the ME/CFS & FM Association NSW Inc. are:

(a) To support, provide information and education to people affected by ME/CFS and related illnesses to promote health improvement, a better quality of life and possible recovery.
(b) To advocate for people affected by ME/CFS and related illnesses.
(c) To increase the accurate awareness within the health, scientific and medical professions, educational institutions, government agencies and the general public as to the nature of ME/CFS and the special problems it causes.
(d) To support, promote and sponsor research into and treatment of ME/CFS and related illnesses.

Our Prime Consideration

The prime consideration for all decisions made by the association shall be what is in the best interests of people with ME/CFS and/or related illnesses.

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